The first online comedic performance venue of its kind.

Come on in, wind down, and have yourselves a good time.

What to expect:

  • Hilarious Comedic performances, improvisation, Impressions, and the BRUTAL, SHAMELESS, UNFILTERED


  • NFT giveaways and Prizes!!


  • Roasting of your favorite NFT creators, founders, developers, etc... Vote on who the next victim will be!*

  • Open MIC night everynight!! one lucky audience member will get picked to come up and give it hell!!


3rd Saturday of the month

A 1/1 battle of wit.

2 comedians enter 2 leave, and then you vote on who dies...

Aaayyee just fuckin with ya.

Vote on your favorite! Winner receives an exclusive "Piece o' Shit trophy" NFT!

The Future

  • Every element of stand up performance live in the METAVERSE **

  • Celebrity Guest appearances!***

Let us make this something to remember.

Kick back, and make a friend or two.

Because no matter what.

Everyone can use a good laugh.

*ONLY WITH PERMISSION AND ATTENDANCE OF ROASTEE will there be a roasting or a roaster for that matter.***Will be decided upon availability and success of the venue **Under Construction