Red Carpet Rundown

The Wooden Nickel Awards: 

Nominee Application Form

The Wooden Nickel Awards Nominee Application Form will be available 01/15/2024.  It will close on 06/15/2024. Nominees from each category will be then posted by 07/15/2024. 

 **Nominee Application Form must be filled out in order to be nominated.**


Nominee submissions will end June 15, 2024. I will then post a list of all nominees in their selected categories. Once this has been done, holders of: 

The Wooden Nickel: A Monumental Nickel  

Will be the first round eliminators. 

Reason for this is to make it fair for the nominees and maintain a bot free judging system.

 If you would like to become a first round eliminator, you have to hold at least 1 Monumental Nickel. 

There are 300 total. 

The cost is .003 eth with a 3 per wallet max.

Once all tokens claimed each holder with 3 tokens will receive an exclusive "Trash Fire Nickel" burn redeem token (TBA) and, 3 lucky holders will be randomly selected to be featured in: 

The Wooden Nickel: Community Pool Collection

Which gives  access to more incentives and rewards. 

Community Pool: 

I will be posting a list of all that are featured so far in the collection. This list will have the opportunity to become category hosts for the Awards. They will also receive a complimentary "red carpet pass."

One of a Kinds

Same as Community Pool except 12 of the one of a kinds will have the opportunity to become part of the One of a Kind Judge's Panel, as well as category hosting. 

Plus 3 of you will be randomly selected to receive an exclusive "Back Stage Pass."

Red Carpet Pass Features: 

Back Stage Pass Features: 

The Wooden Nickel: A Monumental Nickel