You HAD to touch it didn't YOU!? 

Well... here you go. this is where it took you. 

This!! I call the "Random Nuke Zone." It's just an exquisite gallery of NFT art and collectibles I've either created, collected, or helped in some way with the community.  

its enjoyable, good stress relief, and if someone decides "Hey I would love to own a Tran named Stan, or that's neat, fuck you too I'll buy it!" That'd be great. Just coming along to check out the site is awesome too. 

Thanks for the support by the way. Surely do a lured thankie dance at y'all!!

 For the rest, you get the vicious spite jig!! 

I'll be hanging up new decoration randomly so keep stopping by. Or stay for the remainder of your lives!! MUAH HAA HAAAA!!!