We can put it where you want it.

Premium Sublimated gifts for any occasion.

T-shirts , Hoodies, Pants, pair of Underwear if you F@$kin' want!

Mugs, jugs, hats, bags, plates, we can do it all!

Free sublimated gift with every purchase of $100 or more.

QR embed available and they are functional on most sublimation. Depending on material. How about that?

as always discreet packaging available for sensitive and offensive material.


For whatever you want.

Custom Decals for businesses, websites, ceremonies, celebrations, Branding or just want to impress your buddies. We can f@$kin' do it!! For YOU!

Premium vinyl decals for any occasion shipped for free right to your door.

Discreet packaging for sensitive or offensive materials.

QR embed available upon request.


Stick em' where you f@$kin' want!

Custom Stickers for whatever you want them for. I don't give a F$@K what you want on it. You create it, I'll do the rest. If you want me to create it? I can do that.

Organizations, businesses, websites, or maybe even your child's birthday. I am here to serve.

QR embeds are available upon request.

Discreet packaging available as well. In case of sensitive or offensive materials. I am not offended by anything, but some people are.

Vandvertisement bundle includes:

  • Free shipping coast to coast.

  • Receive a complimentary 5 pack of QR embed stickers of your brand for free.

  • Free sublimated gift with every purchase over $200. *item will be random*