All Hail The LORD of the Literature before you!

All hail the

Trash Fire Chronicler!!

The true scribe of the chronicles, written witihin these walls. FOr I AM, THE Trash Fire Chronicler!!! Conjuring up the souls of many and entrapping them into my corpus callosum, I unleash the fury of the under world!! Travel within the recesses of my mind and hope you find your way out. Or pray you can escape...

"Do not gaze into the eyes of madness, if you wish to not be gazed upon..." -Trash Fire Chronicler


Initially wrote as a collection of children's books, that did not turn out this way... the Chronicles manifested within these catacombs of depravity are not for the over sensitive. Mature (and Immature) adults ONLY, you have been warned!

So leave all valuables at home. take a seat (Literally, steal that seat right there). Don't stare that guy in the eye!! And enjoy these tales of Debauchery and Morbid delight....