Alone in thought...

We spend over half of our life sleeping.

 The rest of the time we are either adulting or alone.

 So if your following me correctly, This means that we are constantly dreaming. Whether these Dreams are Beautiful or absolutely fucking terrifying is one thing. 

I have developed ONEIRIC ABILITIES over the course of my life. Roughly defined as the ability To remember and manipulate in detail my dreams and thoughts. A Dream Walker. Insane as I feel sometimes, I use this to my advantage by providing the masses something to gawk at, make fun of, cherish for years to come, and some things they can't. fucking. stand. 

Either way, its entertaining. 


excited right!? I know I am! 

 A collection of 13 known as "The Trash Fire Chronicles." Written and illustrated in my own blood & feces.

 rolled into a ball, and thrown at you with malicious intent!!