Requiem's Dream

I have always loved literary Arts. Anything worth its coin in paper , anyway. At certain times of my life, it has saved me from utter embarrassment, a heap of troubles, and even from myself... I started writing short stories as a kid. I always had a fascination with anything Grisly and disturbing in nature as i do to this day. The horror culture of the 80's in full machete swing, chopping itself well into the 90's. grunge music piercing the radio waves! fuck the world!, our life sucks!   in full bloom. I would use this new found SORCERY, and the demonic forces within, to go into disturbing detail with my literature.  So much that, I found myself in the counselors office A LOT. My writings "FLAGGED," a call to the PARENTAL FIGURE, an ass chewing something    fucking awful!! 
then back at it again. 
Volumes of composite notebooks littered with poetry, doodles, short stories, my name written over and over again like a dumb ass. Only to be sitting here a 37 year old adult in front of a  computer doing the same shit, but,  with a graphics tablet instead of a box of crayons and some construction paper...Ssooo... here we are... alright...I've decided after aaauggghh!..  about 20 years since last writing anything more than a god damn grocery list, to pursue my dream as an author! With an added extra that did not spark my interest at all, other than to look at the shit, Illustration!!! So I consider you fucking people pretty lucky! huh! Well I be damned....  Always been a dream of mine, you know? summoning the dead, demonic incantations, sodom and gomorrah!! AAAAAHHHH HHHhaaaaaaa!!!!! Anyway I've decided to give you sons a bitches a piece of my noggin to dissect and absorb through your focal region!!13 CHRONICLESstuttered unrecognizable to you, by a crazed hobo with a meat cleaver, in the back alley of my brain. If you aren't afraid to stick around.....