Welcome to the Trash Fire Tavern! 

I'm so glad you finally made it!

Yes, we have been waiting for you for quite sometime. 


Anyway,  it is quite the sight isn't it? Been here since IDK how long, surpassing time graciously... egh... Well it's still standing, put it that way. 

Back to the size, it is a grand display!!

A manifestation of  debauchery, Primordial Sin, And A LOT of unorthodox shit in between. 

Sounds like a good time huh? 

I went inside to check the place out. See what needs to be fixed and what not. 

And now my ass is LOST!!

 It's A LOT BIGGER than what I initial presumed. It seems to spiral out of control! I can't tell you how many floors nor doors this place has. Hell, rooms for that matter!

All I know is? From what I have seen? This place just keeps getting WAY more interesting...

Under Construction (TBA)